Home Inspection Quick Answers

Facts for Homebuyers, Sellers and Agents

The cost of a property inspection depends on a variety of factors, including square footage, time required, age of the home, number of heating and air conditioning units and location. You can request a quote by finding your local GPI inspector.

A home inspection generally takes between two and three hours to complete. This allows time for assessment of the home's exterior and interior, as well as its mechanical and electrical systems.

You can find a full pre-inspection checklist and other helpful resources here.

While you don't need to be present for the duration of the inspection, we recommend attending the final walkthrough, in which your inspector will explain all their findings.

We recommend removing any pets form the home for the safety of your furry friends and your inspector.

A property inspector performs an unbiased review of the current condition of your property, including structural and mechanical components. To remain objective, GPI inspectors do not recommend specific contractors, but if asked, they may be able to provide the names of several contractors in a given field for you to contract. They can also provide you with our Repair Estimate Guide.

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